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This site offers a way to do XML Schema (XSD) validation, by uploading XML and XSD documents to the server application that works behind the UI of this site. This is probably an intutive and useful way to do XML schema validation. This web application, supports both 1.0 and 1.1 versions of the XML Schema language.

XML Schema validation form

Please upload an XML document that needs to be validated, and upload one or more XSD documents from your local workstation and click "Submit" button on the below form. The XML schema validation results will be displayed on your browser.

Many times only one XSD document would be sufficient to do an XML document validation assessment. But during an XML schema validation assessment, if XML schema documents are related by includes / imports etc, more than one XSD document would be necessary. On this XML schema validation service page, there is a limitation of providing upto maximum two XSD documents. Therefore on this site, XML schema needs to be contained fully within upto 1-2 XSD documents. Lot many useful XML schemas can be designed while following this constraint.

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Allow XSD 1.1 <assert> trees to contain comments and processing instructions (works when, XSD version selected is 1.1)? Yes 



Apache Xerces-J (on which, this 'Online XML Schema validation service' is based upon) already provides XML Schema validation functionality for Java. This 'Online XML Schema validation service', now also makes it possible to do XML Schema 1.0/1.1 validations from programs running remotely and connecting to this service via http/https (using the REST APIs provided by this service). To this effect, sample Python and C# program language integrations are available here for download: Python, C# integration.

There's also another web based XML schema validator available on this site, here : Advanced XML schema validator, that can accept any number of XSD documents during a particular XML schema validation assessment. If you have such a need, please give this a try.

Note that, this site doesn't keep the uploaded XML and XSD documents on the server side after the XML Schema validation results have been sent to the browser or to an API client. This helps us conserve the disk space on the server side, and also protects any user privacy concerns with respect to the uploaded XML and XSD documents.

Using Apache Xerces-J (v 2.12.2) XML Schema validator

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